Does Cary Audio make $22,000 vacuum tube amplifiers for the most discriminating listener?  Yes!  Just ask CAD-211FE (2017 Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award Winner) daily user and multi Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Brian Lucey of Magic Garden Mastering. Check out some of Brian’s work here.


Does Cary Audio make $4,000 solid state amplifiers that rival competitor’s solid state amplifiers that cost two or three times as much? Absolutely!

Does Cary Audio make a network audio player/streaming DAC (2017 Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award Winner) for $5,000 that is without an equal in terms of features, capabilities, and reference quality sound? Without question!

So what can Cary Audio do for everyday music lovers whose budget is much more modest, yet demands the highest of quality? Meet AiOS.  At just $2,995 AiOS’ heritage comes from the same company and ownership which produces the $22,000 CAD-211FE amplifier. AiOS uses the same audio circuit as our SA-200.2 high performance amplifier ($4,000). AiOS has all the same network audio/player/streaming DAC capabilities as our $5,000 digital reference source unit, the DMS-500. In addition, AiOS also has analog inputs, aptX Bluetooth send and receive, MQA to 16x rendering, and an Apple and Android app. AiOS is also compact and beautifully built for any environment with color changing abilities to match any decor. For $2,995, AiOS is an entire music system anyone can enjoy both sonically and aesthetically. Just connect AiOS to your speakers and sit back and be amazed at the sound the built-in 150 watt class AB amplifier delivers. Learn more here.